Friday, December 03, 2004

Coyote Volleyball season over, NFL pix.

Hey kids...

Well, the women's volleyball team ended their spectacular season with a 3-1 loss to #1 ranked Nebraska-Kearney last night in Florida.
Despite the loss, the Coyote Volleyball team will always be national champions here at Turzman central.
To coaches Kim Cherniss and Danny Scott, congratulation on another exciting and successful season, and I can't wait 'till next fall.
To Brianna Harris and Cathleen Price, the two graduates, two of the most talented athletes to wear Coyote blue, and two of my favorite people, thank you for bringing your talents here to San Ber-doo. You will be missed, and I hope you both succeed in the Euro-League.
And for the rest of the ladies, give 'em hell next fall. The Turzman salutes all of you.
Jumpin' jee-hosefat yee-HAAAA!

NFL picks, week 13.

I had 11 wins straight up last week but tanked against the spread. usually Thanksgiving is a strong week for me, so I must be due. Here are the new picks, and the regular rules apply.
Good luck handicappers...
Minnesota over CHICAGO
New England over CLEVELAND *
Arizona over DETROIT *
INDIANAPOLIS over Tennessee *
ST. LOUIS over San Francisco
Buffalo over MIAMI
Carolina over NEW ORLEANS *
NEW YORK JETS over Houston *
Atlanta over TAMPA BAY *
BALTIMORE over Cincinnati *
Kansas City over OAKLAND *
SAN DIEGO over Denver *
PHILADELPHIA over Green Bay *
New york Giants over WASHINGTON *
Pittsburgh over JACKSONVILLE *
and Monday Night-
Dallas over SEATTLE
combined points- 51

Have a geat weekend all,
Live long & prosper.