Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Computers: They Suck

In case you didn't notice, I had to cancel my show today. In fact, I'm supposed to be on the air right now. Well, all last night and this morning, when I tried to logon to Coyote Radio, I got the 404 code error, whatever the fuck that is.
Nobody from tech returned my calls.
I finally hunted down Mr. Blonde, who was in class at the time, and he said he would check it out personally. This was at 10:00 this morning, a mere two hours from showtime.
I decided to cancel. Many phone calls and e-mails are required to cancel a show like mine, so I decided to err on the side of caution and make sure all guests and as many listeners as possible were aware.
Well after I make the rounds and apologies, I get a call from Mr. Blonde, just a little after 11 am.
The server is up, and the station works. I confirmed with Webmaster Steve.
So, just as I finished cancelling my show due to technical malfunction, the malfunction is fixed.
Perfect fucking timing. There's not nearly enough time to get on the horn with everyone, re-line up my guests and get into studio for a 12:00 start.
So I gotta put my new show off for another week, after taking a week off for fucking finals week at school.

What a great fucking start to the summer. It's gonna be a long, hot, miserable, sticky one- I can tell.

Hope your day is going better than mine.
And oh yeah, fuck you too...

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

New Radio Show

Great news kids...

I've been given to "okey-dokey" to go forth with my new radio show, the Turzman Summer Extravaganza...
This will be my swan-song as I plan to take a temporary hiatus from Coyote Radio in the fall quarter to concentrate on my graduate work.
The show will air every Wednesday from noon to 4 pm, pacific on the New Coyote Radio...

It will be a combination of the old Mike Tursi Radio Program and SportsTalk...
Good music, funny skits, Tursi's takes on all things topical, in-studio guests and of course, the great SportsTalk, including the only weekly shark attack report to be found anywhere.

Unfortunately, at last check the Coyote Radio server was down, but I have made the appropriate phone calls and I hope it will be up and running for my show tomorrow. So, barring any technical malfunctions, the best 2 hours of talk radio on the Internet has turned into 4 hours of fun, news, music and other wacky forms of entertainment.

I'll give my spin on the Michael Jackson debacle of a trial, the re-birth of the Terry Schiavo controversy, and roving reporter Francis Melvin will join us live from London, England with a report on the assault of Tom Cruise with a water gun. That plus the best sports-talk show anywhere can be heard tomorrow at from noon to 4 pm, pacific.

Your phone calls and e-mails are always welcome during the show. I can be reached at 909-537-5617 or 909-880-5617. My on air e-mail is, as usual,

You can always leave a message at the Turzman PhanFone hotline- 909-881-3654.

Take the time to sign the guestbook while you're here and join my message board to sound off against the most warped minds on the Net.

In the meantime, check out these great games from eBaum and Kontraband...
A 3-D version of Pong called, CURVEBALL.

A personal fave, Mad Shark-

The very cool De-Animator. Beat my record of 538 zombies blasted...

A variation of the classic Breakout called, Breakit...

Bumper cars meet Air Hockey in Bumperball...

See how far you can knock these penguins...
My record is 313 feet.

Help this drunk stagger home...
Try to beat my 412 meters.

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