Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Spring Quarter comes to a halt

Hey kids...

As the summer turns the corner and greets us, I am ready to welcome it like REDSEXGODDESS coming to my open arms. This was a great quarter, with 3 internships, my radio show and a paying job all under my belt.
I'm ready for the break. I will finish my novel this month, I promise. Many of you have been waiting, and I appreciate your patience, but it is ALMOST DONE and I'm just about ready to try and sell it.
Trust me, The Shark People will be in bookstores very soon.

In the meantime, here are some cool but addicting games I found at eBaum's World and Kontraband dot com...

Check out this 3-D version of Pong called, CURVEBALL.

A personal fave, Mad Shark-

The very cool De-Animator. Beat my record of 538 zombies blasted...

A variation of the classic Breakout called, Breakit...

Bumper cars meet Air Hockey in Bumperball...

If you're not into games, here is some fine adult entertainment from LiveJasmin...
If you meet REDSEXGODDESS, tell her Mike says "hi" and TREAT HER NICE!!!
She's my infatuation of the month.

And don't forget to visit me at mySpace dot com...

That's all for now. Have a great summer and come back often. In fact, come and come again.
Funny- that's what REDSEXGODDESS told me to do. And I said, "Yes, my goddess." So I did.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Michael "The Molester" found innocent

Well, it's official.
Michael Jackson, that freak of nature that needs more psychological help than anyone on the planet, was acquitted of all child molestation charges today.

God, this country sucks. Fuck the judicial system and fuck anyone who continues to say it's the best in the world. Fuck you, says I.

It's Michael Jackson!!! It's the goddamned King Of Pop!!!
He's entitled to ANYTHING HE WANTS and it's our responsibility as sheep being herded to comply. Michael says jump, we say "Yes, Massah, how high suh?"
Michael says, take off your clothes, we say " Yes Massah, please pull my pud, suh."

Don't believe me? Just ask the good ole Rev. Jesse Jackson (no relation, except for sperm-swapping).