Friday, November 12, 2004

NFL picks week 10

Hey kids.
Real quick, here are my picks for week 10. I've been consistent but I'm only averaging 8 wins a week straight up and only 6 against the spread. So my picks might seem odd, but I need a spark.
As usual, my picks do not factor in the spread, they are straight up.
If an asterisk (*) appears by a matchup, it means I think the score will be close and the point spread should be factored.
Home teams are in caps, good luck handicappers.

ATLANTA over Tampa Bay *
CLEVELAND over Pittsburgh *
TENNESSEE over Chicago
Houston over INDIANAPOLIS *
SEATTLE over St Louis *
KANSAS CITY over New Orleans
NEW YORK JETS over Baltimore *
Detroit over JACKSONVILLE *
Cincinnati over WASHINGTON *
Minnesota over GREEN BAY
New York Giants over ARIZONA *
Carolina over SAN FRANCISCO *
NEW ENGLAND over Buffalo *

And Monday night...
Philadelphia over DALLAS *
61 points for the tie breaker.

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until next time, you should live and be well.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Mets to trade Piazza? HOORAY!!!!!

Good news everyone...

I read on Fox this morning that the Dodgers have contacted the Mets about getting Mike Piazza back! Here's the story...
Not only do the dum-bass Dodgers want the washed up, broken down catcher back, but they're willing to part with Shawn Green to get him.
I say if it means getting rid of Piazza, take anything offered.
I'd trade Piazza for a case of baseballs; over the long haul, the Mets would get more use out of them.
Now both "Pizza" and Green have the power to veto any trade, so it's not a done deal yet, but Met fans should keep their fingers crossed and Dodger fans...
well, um...
this trade would be good for you too.
No, I really mean it. I swear on Mike Piazza's career, this trade would be good for you.
Believe me.
You should be happy for the return of your prodigal son.
Just think of how productive he will be that first week he's in Dodger blue. All of the momentum from emotion and all that.
Of course, you'll have to contend with the rest of the season.
Once the shine has tarnished, Dodger fans will see the Mike Piazza that Met fans know-
the one whose skills diminished right before our very eyes.
The one who can't play a month without hurting something.
The one who hits into more double plays than anyone I have ever seen.
The one who can't score a runner from third with less than two outs.
The one who has not thrown out a baserunner since his high school days.

The Dodgers need him, really. Although trading Shawn Green makes a little sense...
Is this guy for real when he says he can't play because of some Jewish holiday? That always bothered me. How can somebody who makes $16 million look his boss in the face and say,
"Sorry chief, I can't work today because an invisible man that lives in the sky won't allow it."
Oh please, grow up already.
I think the age when people stop believing in fairy tales is what, nine?
It's not lilke he does real work. The Jewish holiday is for rest, not working-
not for having the day off for the sake of having a day off.
This guy gets paid to play baseball, something most people do for free because they like it.
If Shawn Green had a real job, I wouldn't be angry when he takes the day off, but please...
A couple of months ago, during the Dodgers' last series against the Giants where their playoff spot was not secure yet, Green put himself before his team and did not play in a very crucial game where the entire season hung in the balance.
It just so happens that they won without him.
What if they had lost? Would Shawn Green have a harder time talking to his god or his teammates?
Quite frankly, I'd be too embarassed to face my teammates again.
I wonder if that's why he's suddenly on the trading block...

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Before you log off today, visit the Great White Shark at the Monterey Bay Aquarium-

And watch this funny short film about urine sample cups-

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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Update, Coyote Athletics + other stuff.

Hey kids...

Before I update Coyote athletics, here are some oldies but goodies you may enjoy watching.
And there is some stuff never posted at turzman-dot-com before.

The nationally televised Ashlee Simpson screw-up can be seen by clicking here-
I must admit, the more I watch it, the more I pity Ms. Simpson and those that defend the lip-synching.

The infamous Yankee fan video that proves Yankee fans are complete assholes can be seen by clicking here-
It's still the most popular vid here at Turzman Central.

This one is new, courtesy of Georgie.
Frank Sinatra returns from the dead to sing about racial profiling.
Warning: If you are easily offended, don't click here-

This one is courtesy of Webmaster Steve.
It is a vid of the Toronto Skydome roof closing during a baseball game.
It's kinda neat, so click here-

And a personal fave, "You have bad taste in music!"-

For those of you that haven't heard, I worked on a short film last summer. My first acting gig that will hopefully be seen by millions of people. Love and Death, (formally known as Amor Y Muerte) will be released on the Internet soon. In the meantime, some information, photos & stills can be seen here-

Now for Coyote Athletics...
CSUSB has seen some extraordinary stuff last week. In women's cross country, Tanya Zeferjahn placed 4th overall at the regional championships last Saturday and qualified for the NCAA national championship meet that will be run somewhere in Indiana in two weeks.
It is the highest placement a runner from Cal State San Ber-doo has ever made in the school's history, so hats off to Ms. Zeferjahn.
For more info on her, goto

Women's volleyball continued to kick ass by sweeping Cal State Dominguez Hills Friday and Cal Poly Pomona Saturday. As usual, the leading scorers for the 'Yotes both nights were Brie Harris and Cat Price, the two seniors who were honored before Saturday's game for their distinguished careers in Coyote Volleyball.
I have had the pleasure of interviewing both of them on Coyote Radio (
and they are two of the sweetest, coolest and nicest people I've ever met.
Here at Turzman Central, we offer both of them our congrats, and wish them the best of luck in the conference playoffs and their endeavors after school.
Honorable mentions from last weekend's volleyball:
Lisa Dogonyaro, Amy Long, Sharea Drawn, and the best setter in the CCAA, Cristen Trent (who also sang the National Anthem before Saturday's game. What pipes!).

Be sure to goto Coyote Radio's website ( and take the listeners' poll.
Coyote Radio will be getting a facelift real soon and you are all invited to be "guest surgeons" in the makeover. Your input is very important.

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G'nite all.