Saturday, January 22, 2011

"On a Dark & Stormy Night" returns from the dead...

Unlike it's ensemble cast of characters who met ugly demises, the motion picture On a Dark & Stormy Night has been dug up from the grave and a resurrection attempt of Frankensteinian proportions is under way.

The film, shot in 2007, is still unreleased to date despite showings at three film festivals between 2009-2010, two awards and generally positive criticism. By the end of 2010 though, all parties involved had deflated attitudes about a potential national distribution of the film on DVD.
However, early in 2011 a critique of Stormy Night mysteriously appeared at Cold Fusion Video Reviews, and this week it was announced the film has gained acceptance to the Indy Horror Film Festival in Dekalb, Illinois.

Armed with the power of positive thinking and a fan page on Facebook, the cast, crew and producers are again hopeful On a Dark & Stormy Night will have a distribution deal sometime this year.

To the handful of viewers who have seen the film, we ask for your continued support. Go to the Facebook page and suggest it to your friends. Read the Cold Fusion review and leave comments.

Please don't force us to resort to bribing you with autographs and memorabilia from the film.