Wednesday, December 22, 2004

NFL pix, turnaround trip to Monterey

Hey kids,
Let's get the football business out of the way. The usual rules apply.
Good luck...

Green Bay over MINNESOTA *
KANSAS CITY over Oakland
Denver over TENNESSEE *
New York Giants over CINCINATTI *
DETROIT over Chicago
INDIANAPOLIS over San Diego *
Atlanta over NEW ORLEANS *
Baltimore over PITTSBURGH *
JACKSONVILLE over Houston *
New England over NEW YORK JETS *
Buffalo over SAN FRANCISCO
DALLAS over Washington *
SEATTLE over Arizona *
Carolina over TAMPA BAY *
Cleveland over MIAMI *
and Monday Night...
ST. LOUIS over Philadelphia *
combined points: 67

Be strong handicappers.

Now for the exciting news...
Anyone going to be in Northern Cal tomorrow? (Thursday)
Well so will I. We're doing a turnaround trip to Monterey to look at the Great White Shark.
Click this link to see her.
If you're gonna be in the neighborhood and have some time to kill, I'll be in the outer bay aquarium basking in her glory for most of the day. Come by and say hi.

The following links are courtesy of abc...
This one is his sight dedicated to the study of White sharks, and my new personal fave...
Click here to listen to the Great White Shark song.
Thanks, abc.

Here are some classics...
The nationally televised Ashlee Simpson screw up is here...

The infamous Yankee fan video is still the most popular here at Turzman Central. It is here...

This guy rocks-
"You have bad taste in music!"

Here's a funny short film about two urine sample cups...

That's all for now kids,
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