Thursday, June 10, 2010

Announcement- Coming Soon.

I've had this plan brewing in my head lately. I've also been putting it off. Not long ago, I asked my readers to challenge me with critique requests. You give me a flick, I hunt it down, view and critique it. Free of charge. I only received one Reader Request, so I figure that means I can pretty much pick whatever I wanna review. So I'm gonna run with my plan.

Coming soon to Turzman Central, a sub-category I shall fondly refer to as, your Pornographic Midnight Snack. I see no harm in, every once in a while, critiquing a film of the XXX variety. At worst, it's an admission to all of you that I watch PRON. Go circle the wagons.
Hell, I already touched softcore here, and to a degree, here. I currently find myself in a position of unlimited supply of opinion fodder, so I'm gonna turn up the heat a bit.
Rather than bog myself down with the seemingly infinite number of compilation, sex-only discs and Gonzo P.O.V. shootings, I will limit myself to films that at least attempt to have a story. The Pickens don't get as slim as you think.

Already in the bank, Haunted starring Briana Banks, and Digital Playground's Babysitters.

So stay tuned,
and as always,

Stay out of the water.