Saturday, August 28, 2004

Baseball thoughts

Hey, kids...

The Turzman here with some thoughts on one of my passions; baseball.
Specifically, New York Mets baseball.

Those of you not interested in the Metropolitan baseball club may consider yourselves excused.

Today I watched my beloved Metropolitans blow another lead late in the game to the sucky-ass, slumping-ever-since-the-dumbest-trade- in-baseball-history LA Dodgers. A team that has watched Eric Gagne blow saves like a hooker blows johns since that remarkable save streak ended.
But "Frenchie" was on fire today, setting the Mets down in order in the ninth like he was pitching to bush leaguers. Losers of six of the last seven, the Mets laid down as the devil incarnate Atlanta Braves (god, I hate "Larry" Chipper Jones) walked right past the National League East; arguably the worst division in baseball this year.
But was anyone seriously convinced the Mets still had a snowball's chance in hell at the trade deadline to win anything? I didn't.

As optimistic as I'd like to be about my blue & orange, when they traded away Ty Wiggington and their top pitching prospects for Kris "Who the hell takes Pittsburgh baseball seriously" Benson and Victor "I'm nothing like Carlos" Zambrano with thoughts of making a run at a weak division, they were fooling nobody but themselves.

To say they were even looking to the future by signing a guy who is a free agent at the end of the season and another with chronic elbow problems while trading away the two best minor league pitching prospects in the process is an insult to baseball fans. And let's not forget that at the time of the trade, Ty Wiggington was the Met's hottest hitter.

Met management is completely clueless as to the direction this team is going in, and there is no evidence to support the thought of them contending next year. They need to convince that wash out import Kaz Matsui that he is a defensive liability at short and plan to play 2nd base as long as he's in NY. Jose Reyes is the best shortstop in the Mets organization, don't waste him at 2nd.

Keep Mike Cameron in center and pay Richard Hidalgo whatever he wants to stay in right field.
As for left field, repect Cliff Floyd's wishes and trade him to the American league where he can DH full time. He says he's tired of playing in pain and I don't blame him.

Most importantly, trade that Mike Piazza while he still has value. He can't play first base, he gets hurt and misses half the season if he catches, and he's only a hot hitter with two outs and the bases empty. I've never seen a guy ground into so many double plays in my life. The longer they wait to trade him, the less they'll get in return, and we must realize that "Pizza's" best days are far behind him. The only way he can even become a shell of his former self is to go DH for an American league team.

And that's my 2 cents.
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Friday, August 27, 2004

Olympic B-ball.

Hey, kids;
The Turzman here, and I want to talk about Olympic Basketball.
Just a few minutes ago, the "Dream Team's" hopes of winning Gold were crushed by a well-coached and disciplined Argentinian team.
The loss wasn't due to a lack of talent, but a lack of role players.
In the international style of play, the games go quicker and the 3 point line is closer, and in that regard, it is not unlike American college-hoops.
The USA did not have a threat from beyond the perimeter, and their deadliest player, Tim Duncan was in foul trouble and constantly double-teamed. The USA could not accomidate for the open 3's because this mish mash of over-priced crybabies came into Olympic play with the mindset that all they would have to do is show up.
Well, with some of the NBA's brightest stars being of foreign birth, and many NBA stars not willing to support their country, the talent pool was dry from the start for the selection comittee.
Between those unwilling to play, those injured, and those ineligible due to foreign birth, this year's American team featured only one of the twelve best players in this year's NBA!!
(Tim Duncan). As opposed to dream teams of the past that featured 9 of the 10 best NBA players of the respective time periods.
Bottom line: Our team could not shoot the 3 or defend against it, which is vital to succeed in the style of international play.
But there is a flip-side to that coin...
if we were to invite the Argentines, the Puerto Ricans, or even mighty Lithuania to compete in the style of NBA play with NBA rules and officials, they would not stand a chance...
Let's make sure I'm crystal-clear on this, kids.
Under NBA rules and styles, Tim Duncan would score 45 points, grab 30 rebounds and would not be in any foul trouble against these teams.
If Argentinia had a player that could match up against Duncan one-on-one in the paint, he'd be earning 14 million bucks a year in the NBA.
So don't blame Larry Brown, who missed the opportunity to become the first person to earn Olympic gold as both a player and a coach;
he did what he could with what he had.
This team had less than 3 weeks to prepare, and were not conditioned for this style of play.

And that's my two-cents.

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Thursday, August 26, 2004

A New Day

Hey, kids!
The Turzman here with a brief update on Coyote Athletics...
I talked to CSUSB Director of Sports Information, Mike Murphy and found out that all media guides for ALL Coyote Athletics will be disbursed electronically from now on.
So the budget cuts disallow us from receiving printed programs with fantastic art, in depth interviews, vital statistics, projections and match-ups.
The good news is, I'll be able to post late-breaking news as I receive it, for all those interested.

Also, I chatted with Kim Cherniss and Danny Scott, coaches for the women's volleyball here at Cal State. They are looking forward to co-operating with me in regards to Coyote Radio and the Chronicle, and hopefully this season will be as exciting as last year when the Lady 'Yotes hosted the National Championship tourney, a feat that has never been accomplished by any other Coyote sport organization.

And finally, I met the new head coach of men's & women's soccer, Noah Kooiman. He's an amiable chap and along with his assitant Craig, and star player, Rebecca, all have high hopes for the upcoming season. If you don't have access to the Coyote Chronicle, I will be posting news on volleyball, soccer, cross country, and all other sports until I'm replaced as Sports Editor of the Chronicle or I get tired doing it all.

Keep checking with Coyote radio:
for programming schedules and look out for
The Mike Tursi Radio Program, starring me, The Turzman.

Until then, keep checking out for updates on me and archived shows.

Shoot me an e-mail: for information on a Turzman newsletter or just let me know what you think about me. (No, I'm not vain, I'm really interested).

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