Thursday, October 15, 2015

Godzilla vs King Kong May Happen Again

For the few of you who felt Ishiro Honda's original 1962 face-off between the two most iconic monsters in MovieLand needed a face lift, your wish may be granted.  Warner Bros. owns the rights to Godzilla's latest incarnation and the Kong reboot has recently been shifted to the Warners from Universal.  Studio heads love cross-overs, so the thought of sprinkling Kong: Skull Island with tie-ins from 2014's Godzilla has them creaming their pants. (FYI- those tie-ins are rumored to be Ken Watanabe reprising his role, and the Monarch organization making appearances in the new Kong).

Patience will have to be a virtue, though, as GZ vs KK won't come until after Skull Island and Godzilla II, which is rumored to feature Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidora.  The biggest losers of this scenario are the fans eagerly awaiting Pacific Rim II, which was slated to start production in November, 2015.  Warner Bros. has definitely pushed Guillermo del Toro's jaeger epic to the back-burner based on weak domestic returns despite having made oodles of money overseas.

Not only that, Warner Bros. also announced that they have fast-tracked production on Jurassic Park V (aka Jurassic World II), meaning Pacific Rim II will have to wait in line behind four, count 'em, four big-budget, big-monster movies before even getting a sniff of pre-production.

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