Friday, November 05, 2004

NFL picks, week 9 & baseball managerial movement

Hey kids...
I made it a point to not forget about posting my football picks for you handicappers (Hi, Georgie) but before I get into that, here's some news on some baseball manager appointments.

Congratulations to Willie Randolph, who became the 18th manager in New York Mets history, and the first black manager in New York baseball history (which is long and storied. This includes the Yankees!) To read the story on Randolph's hiring, click here...

or click here for "Randolph has his moment in the sun."-

Randolph interviewed yesterday with Mike & the Mad Dog (
of WFAN radio, New York City ( Click on these links to check out the leading authority in New York Sports.
As a side-note, Mac & Sid are pretty cool too.

Interestingly, the day after the Mets announce Randolph's hiring, the Arizona Diamondbacks, or as I like to call them, the Arim-a-zona Ass Cracks fired manager Wally Backman after only four days on the job. What the hell?!?! To add insult to injury, he was replaced by Bob Melvin, a former bench coach with the D-backs who was fired as manager of the Seattle Mariners just days after the season ended for being horrible at managing a baseball team.
Here's the link to the story...

This is ridiculous. Okay, so Backman has a criminal record; a very, very minor criminal record at that. He has already paid his debt to society. And okay, so Backman filed for bankruptcy a few years ago. Just because he can't manage his money doesn't mean he can't manage a ball club. And the Arim-a-zona brain trust (I use the word brain with a grain of salt) claimed at first that they didn't know about his past but were going to stand by him anyway, and then they fired him.
I submit to you that this is a bad move because the main idea of major league baseball is to win baseball games. This is big business, not a big sandlot.
This sudden excercise in morality can hurt the D-backs in the long run.
I mean, they claim they did not know of his past? For Christ's sake- the man had been working in their minor league system, as a manager, and was very successful.
His Lancaster Jethawks had the best record in the California League last year and was one game from the Cal-League championship. They lost to Modesto in five games. HEY DIAMONDBACKS, HERE'S SOME ADVICE: Do a friggin' background check on the guy before he enters your system if you're gonna make a big deal about somebody's past mistakes. DUH!!
And Bob Melvin? HELLO, DIAMONDBACKS, ANYBODY HOME? This is a guy who had a Mariner team with a 93-69 record in 2003, and turned it into a 63-99 team the following season. We're talking track records, people- C'MON!!!

Oh well, eff the D-backs and everything else that comes from the desert.

Here are the NFL picks for week 9 and the regular rules apply.
Good luck handicappers...

Arizona over MIAMI *
Kansas City over TAMPA BAY
Oakland over CAROLINA *
DETROIT over Washington *
SAN DIEGO over New Orleans
DENVER over Houston
BALTIMORE over Cleveland *
CINCINNATI over Dallas *
New York Jets over BUFFALO
Philadelphia over PITTSBURGH *
NEW YORK GIANTS over Chicago
Seattle over SAN FRANCISCO *
New England over ST. LOUIS

and Monday night-
INDIANAPOLIS over Minnesota *
tie-breaker at 61.

That's all for now kids, don't forget to visit eBaum this week (
and consult previous posts for the nationally televised Ashlee Simpson screw up, the infamous Yankee fan video, and other stuff.

Don't take any shit from anybody.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Sorry for the wait...

Hey kids...
It's been a busy week and I must apologize for the lack of posts. Once I realized that Sunday had come and I did not post my picks, I felt I may have let you all down.
The good news is, I only won 7 games last week, so I was off,
but how about the Gotham Green Monday night against the hated Dolphins?
Both Curtis Martin and LaMont Jordan ran for 115 yards against a defense that was supposed to be good against the run.
I can't wait for the next game against the Pats.

Anyway- I've been receiving lotsa feedback about some of the vids posted here, so due to popular demand, here they are again...

The nationally televised Ashlee Simpson screw up is here...

The infamous Yankee fan video is still the most popular. It is here...

This guy rocks- "You have bad taste in music!"

And don't forget to visit the lovely lady-
The Great White Shark at the Monterey Bay Aquarium...

Here's a funny short film about two urine sample cups...

Now some personal news from this week...
Big doin's with the Turzman. First off, I've been commissioned to write a script for a public service announcement about condoms, and I've been given free reign on the humor.
They want to make it funny, and I have permission to go beyond the boundaries of good taste.
I'll keep you all updated on it.

Also, I auditioned for the part of the host on a new TV series, "The Lower Levels."
It's a combination of X-Files meets The Twilight Zone with just a smidgen of Elvira's old show.
The audition was just a couple of hours ago and I was the last to read for the part.
Translation: I'm fresh in the minds of the producers. They said they would discuss all candidates tonight, so there's a chance I'll know by the weekend if it's "yay" or "nay."

Once I mentioned my lengthy background in film and theatre, plus my current standing as host of The Mike Tursi Radio Program (only on Coyote Radio-, it's a safe assumption that I am the front-runner (I hope).

That's all for now, except for Coyote Radio's coverage of women's volleyball this Friday and Saturday night, 7 pm pacific. Pregame show starts at 6:45. Friday night we'll hear the 'Yotes deal with Cal State Dominguez Hills and Saturday they take on Cal Poly Pomona. Just before the Pomona game, Coyote athletics will honor seniors Brie Harris and Cat Price in their final home game.
Don't miss the fun.

Until next time kids,
don't take any shit from anybody.

Now I'm gonna write the "Rubber Script."