Wednesday, January 12, 2005

NFL playoffs- Week 19

Hey kids.
Well, I learned an important lesson last weekend.
I don't know every damn thing.
My dark horse choice is out, but my favorite team is still in the hunt-
for one more week, anyway.
Let me try again-
The Jets victory over the Chargers was by no means a miracle. Herman Edwards outcoached Marty Shottenheimer (sp?) and the Gotham Green defense stepped up huge.
I must say I was impressed with QB Chad Pennington, but the run ends Saturday against Pittsburgh.
The Steelers have the best defense of the teams remaining in the playoffs, and I expect Jerome Bettis and Deuce Staley will provide a monster 1 - 2 punch.
Their counterparts, Curtis Martin and LaMont Jordan will be effective as well, but Pennington will slump, despite getting over the stomach flu.
But this time, I'm taking the points. The Jets will make it close this time, forcing the Steel Curtain to sweat for the first time since Tommy Maddox got hurt.

I think the Colts have a good chance to beat the Patriots this week, and not because Mike VanderJagt is running his mouth. The New England secondary suffered massive hits due to injury, and Peyton Manning is still on fire. Expect Indy to pull off the upset.

Minnesota surprised me by eliminating the Pack and I'm staying on their bandwagon. The Vikes have got to feel invincible and the Eagles may be doubting their chances now that T.O. is out. Last week the Vikes used every offensive weapon they had, as did Green Bay. With Philly missing their biggest gun, Minnesota will advance to the NFC title game.

Atlanta is the scariest team in the NFC and they should get by the Rams. Michael Vick is has been inconsistent to this point, but I expect him to shine against St. Louis' horrible defense. Lay the points, Atlanta will walk over the Rams.

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Until next time, don't take any shit from anybody.