Saturday, February 14, 2009

I've got a date with the Odd Couple

First of all, I'd like to wish everyone a belated Happy Friday the 13th. As for Valentine's Day, everyone can f*ck off!
That's right, f*ck off and kiss my ass while you're at it.
You see, V-day is also my B-day, and as cool as that may sound to you feeble minds, let me enlighten you to the fact that it is, in reality a curse.

It's my birthday, I just got off work, and instead of having passionate sex with someone of the female pursuasion, I will be watching disc 2 of The Odd Couple, season one.

That's right kids, my Valentine / Birthday booty call is Oscar, Felix and a bottle of Dewar's White Label.

Studly, no?

Face it, you don't want to hear my theory of women, Valentine's Day, and men whose birthday falls on said Hallmark creation. It's quite negative, but let's just say I have every right to be bitter.

It's time to get my buzz on. Actually I started already. It's time to hurt myself.
Allow me to share some badd-ass vids...

Bad Religion performing Broken.

This is the only live performance from Los Infernos I could find on the Net-

This super-awesome Star Trek trailer-

And just for the hell of it, some more Bad Religion, LIVE.

"Eternity, my friends, is a long f*cking time."