Monday, January 22, 2007


Please disregard previous blog.
Instead, look at Lee Van Cleef.

Or, as he's known as in the Orient,

Ree Van Creef.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

NFL picks: Championship Sunday

I have not posted my picks at all this season, mostly because I'm so far removed from sports analysis since my radio show-hosting came to an end.
Plus there's no time compared to last season.
Regardless, I've held my tongue all season, and I want to share my insight and pick the Superbowl winner; just to see if I can still handicap this f*cking game...

Saints at Bears:
The Chicago defense is not as solid as they want us to believe, and New Orleans is still riding high on the Katrina emotions. The rest of the country seems to have forgotten about that storm, and the Bears think that two inches of snow at Soldier Field works in their favor.
Saints QB Drew Brees made a significant MVP candidancy, and let's not forget he played his college ball at Purdue. He's no stranger to cold weather.
Despite the possibility that Joe Horn might not play, the Saints offense has enough weapons to exploit the Bears' defensive weakness, the secondary.
With such a pungent running attack, expect Sean Payton to be creative in setting up the pass with the threat of the run, leading to scores early in the game.
Chicago wiull be playing catch-up all game, and Rex Grossman will make some errors and throw balls into haevy coverage. The only thing that can save the Bears is their running attack, and I like the Saints defense.
Saints 35, Bears 24.

Patriots at Colts:
Let's face it, Peyton Manning is snakebit in the playoffs against New England, and, with all due respect, Tony Dungy ain't no Bill Belichick.
Tom Brady played like total crap against the Chargers (the best team to be eliminated from the playoffs by the way) and the Pats still pulled off an exciting win (due largely in part to Marty Schottenheimer's own playoff snakebite).
Brady's a winner, plain and simple. It's a proven fact.
Peyton's proved that he has happy feet in the post season, where he's not nearly as confident. It shows every year.
Bill Belichick will go down in history as one of the two best NFL coaches of all time.
Tony Dungy will be forgotten about, within five years after he disappears from this game.
Brady is undefeated in 10 games in domes in his career.
Let's not even talk about defenses, these two teams' run-stopping is on opposite sides of the spectrum.
But because this may be Manning's last chance at going to the big game, today's match will be exciting. I expect a close-knit nail-biter, with Indy losing by way of a 4th quarter, Peyton-induced turnover.
Pats 26, Colts 24.

The Superbowl:
Pats 44, Saints 17.
The magic ends when the Saints hopes are crushed by a superior team.
If Drew Brees is Superman, Bill Belichick is Lex Luthor and Tom Brady is the Kryptonite.

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