Saturday, October 23, 2004

NFL Week 7 & Coyote Volleyball

Hey kids...
First off, here are some links you all should visit because I think they are way-cool.

The infamous Yankee fan video can be seen here-

The Great White Shark at Monterey Bay Aquarium can be seen here-

Some putz who calls himself Count Olaf...

The link to eBaum's World is

News on Coyote athletics can be found at

"You have bad taste in music!"

Okay, next will be my football picks for week 7. This is dedicated to my cousin Georgie who is dependant on my picks for his weekly lunch money.
The regular rules apply. For you newcomers, please consult a previous post to understand how I list my handicaps.
Home teams are in ALL CAPS...

Philadelphia over CLEVELAND
INDIANAPOLIS over Jacksonville *
Atlanta over KANSAS CITY *
St. Louis over MIAMI
MINNESOTA over Tennessee *
NEW YORK GIANTS over Detroit *
TAMPA BAY over Chicago
San Diego over CAROLINA
BALTIMORE over Buffalo
NEW ENGLAND over New York Jets * (I'm heartbroken on this one).
GREEN BAY over Dallas *
New Orleans over OAKLAND *
Seattle over ARIZONA *

Monday Night Matchup...
Denver over CINCINNATI
Combined score tie-breaker... 51

Good luck handicappers.

In unrelated news-
The Cal State San Ber-doo Coyotes won again last night.
In a game heard on Coyote Radio ( the women's volleyball team crushed the Warriors of Cal State Stanislaus, 3-nil with scores of 30-20, 30-18 & 30-16.
They will try to make it 11 in a row tonight against Chico State at 7 pm Pacific.
That game will be broadcast on Coyote Radio ( with the pre-game show at 6:45.
All you fans in different time zones adjust your clocks accordingly and set your alarms.
Goto Coyote Radio's website ahead of time and make sure you you have the Quicktime Player. If not, it is a free download.

Don't miss The Mike Tursi Radio Program Tuesdays from 2-4 pacific, only on Coyote Radio: "All the best College Hits in the Mix."

Have I provided the link enough times?
What? Well...

Take care kids, and don't take any shit from anybody.


Telley-Fone knumbur: 909-881-3654.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Today's Show went well...

Hey kids...
Today's radio show went without too much aggravation.
There are still some wrinkles to be ironed out with the new Coyote Radio,
but for the most part, today went OK.
More on this a little later...

I stumbled across this website by accident. You guys and gals gotta check this guy out...

I have recently been accused of being a megalomaniac. Though I disagree, I admit I have moments of greatness that I cannot help but to share with others.
But this guy takes the cake.
You wanna talk about being full of one's self, goto his home site, if you can handle his blog.
I'll admit, his blogs are funny, but they drip of pretentiousness, not unlike that bonehead of a boner, Bono from U2 (pretentiouss asshole).

Speaking of assholes, the infamous Yankee fan video has generated much feedback from websurfers, and the only ones offended were Yankee fans- big surprise!
You dum-basses got a lot of nerve defending the behavior of those bleacher-creatures.
For those of you unfamiliar with the infamous Yankee fan video, here is the original post...

If you are a fan of the New York Yankees, it is quite probable that you are an asshole.
Here at turzman-dot-com, we have uncovered empirical evidence supporting the statement,
"Yankee fans are complete & total assholes."
Watch this video for the proof...
After watching this video, anyone that still considers themselves Yankee fans should be ashamed of themselves.
This video is no fake, it was taken during game 2 against Boston at Yankee Stadium in this year's championship series, just a couple of days ago.

Of course, the game mentioned was last week, but I wanted you all to read the notes on the infamous Yankee fan video in its original context.

Now for today's show...
I can only assume that my good friend Wesley Collins was too busy at his great new job to call in and talk sports with his old co-host, so I'll let him slide.
I want to thank Todd Coshow for coming in and talking MLB playoffs and NFL football with me.
And of course, The Professor, Andy Tufano called in from the Victorville campus to share his thoughts on the past debates, the upcoming election, and why we should all re-elect "Governor Dubya".
He didn't convince me, but it's nice to have him on the show.

As if you didn't know, Coyote Radio can be found only on the internet at
Listeners are encouraged to call in and participate,

C-ya all next time, and don't take any shit from anybody.