Monday, April 10, 2006

Philosophers Can Kiss My Dick!

I was sitting here, staring into oblivion (as I sometimes do when I ponder the useless) when all of a sudden, a thought occurred...
Is there a more worthless set of individuals than philosophers?
Think about it, they waste countless hours upon hours of their lives asking questions like,
"What is the meaning of life?" or "Why are we here?" or "Why is the sky blue?"
I'll tell ya why the sky is blue-
The sky is blue because if it were green, people would not know when to stop mowing!
Yes, sometimes the answers are that simple.
What is the meaning of life? None of your goddamned business. That's the meaning of life.
Why are we here? Because we are here, dumbass. Just be thankful for it and stop asking so many stupid questions.
Here's my advice:
Stop worrying yourself with such deep questions that are beyond your shallow form of thought.
Stop asking so many rhetorical questions that cannot be answered and contribute something useful to society.
Like flipping burgers or hauling trash.
There's the meaning of life for ya:
Red meat and Garbage.
Philosophers really grind my gears.