Saturday, September 25, 2004

Coyote Volleyball & NFL picks, week 3

Hey kids...

In case you missed the broadcast last night, the CSUSB women's volleyball team defeated Cal State, LA 3-1 in one of the most exciting matches Coyote Radio has ever covered.
The Golden Eagles did their homework and tried to contain Harris and Nelthorpe from the outside, but had no answer for the middle attacks of Sharea Drawn and Kat Price.
Tonight's game will also be broadcasted over Coyote Radio ( at 7 pm pacific with the pre-game show at 6:45. Hope you all can tune in.

In unrelated news, here are my NFL picks for week 3. As usual, the first team listed is my pick to win straight up, no point spreads. But if an asterisk (*) appears, it means I think the game will be close and the point spread should be factored into your choice. Home teams are in CAPS.

Here goes...
ATLANTA over Arizona
MINNESOTA over Chicago *
KANSAS CITY over Houston *
ST. LOUIS over New Orleans *
Pittsburgh over MIAMI *
INDIANAPOLIS over Green Bay *
CINCINNATI over Baltimore
NEW YORK GIANTS over Cleveland *
TENNESSEE over Jacksonville *
Philadelphia overDETROIT *
DENVER over San Diego *
SEATTLE over San Francisco *
OAKLAND over Tampa Bay

Monday Night-
WASHINGTON over Dallas *
Combined score tie breaker: 33

Byes this week: Buffalo, Carolina, New England & New York Jets.

Good luck handicappers, I hope your luck is better than my 3 team point parlee from last weekend. Philly and San Diego did okay, but the worthless Cowpies tanked it for me. This week's 3 teams may be interesting; I've got San Diego again and I'll be combining their score with Seattle (who I had week 1 but their points were wasted by the sorry-ass Bills) and New Orleans, who are under-achieving madly so far this season. C'mon teams, Mikey needs some money, NOW!

I can be contacted at 909-881-3654 or electronically mailed at
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Friday, September 24, 2004

Coyote Volleyball on air tonight!!!

Hey kids...
I just received news that Coyote Radio is ready to broadcast live events.
Tonight at 7 pm pacific, the 5th ranked Coyotes will take on Cal State LA and I will be doing play by play. Wes Collins has agreed to join me as color analyst, reuniting the team that brought you last year's games, including the National Championship Tournament.

Don't miss as Coyote Radio begins its second year of Coyote Women's Volleyball coverage.

goto and make sure you have realplayer and the pre-game begins at 6:45 pm pacific.

Hope you all tune in.


Thursday, September 23, 2004

First day of school...

Hey kids...
I'm a little bummed out because the summer came crashing to a halt this morning when I found myself in a classroom listening to a lecture.
In about a half an hour I'll take my first step into the graduate program with COMM 600, Introduction to Graduate Studies.
I'm not gonna be able to watch tv until the middle of December.
Once this next ten weeks is over, and I graduate with my bachelor's degree, the master's program will be a cinch because it's all about research and paper writing; my bread and butter.
But the beginning is gonna be a walk.

I was looking at the Great White shark at Monterey and she's doing great. She's swimming by the camera more often, so there's a good chance you can get a good glimpse of the pretty lady if you click on the following link to the Outer Bay Cam at the aquarium:

Or click on this link to look at the Hammerheads and Stingrays in the shark tank:

Don't forget to goto Friday morning for the updated media content. It's one of the funniest websites I've stumbled across:

Try out for some equally funny stuff.
That's all for now. I'm gonna try to post as often as news pops up, but who knows how much time I'll have now that classes have begun. There's still no word on my radio show or the volleyball broadcasts. It seems I'm the only one who gives a damn.

Don't take any shit from anybody,


Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Update on White Shark, Expos to D.C.

Hey kids...
I heard today that the Montreal Expos have taken a step toward moving to our nation's capital. I say this is a good thing.Here is the link to the story:

It just seems that baseball never took on with the frenchies of Montreal as it did in Toronto, considering the average crowd size at an Expo game is slightly lower than my I.Q. The best thing that franchise can do is get the hell out of town, get a rich ownership, and get some free agents.
I'd go as far to say that they should re-name the team Washington Senators and design the uniforms after the old-time baseball styles.
The only opposition to this is the ownership of the Baltimore Orioles. They feel that a new team in the area would take away from Oriole fan-base and tv time. Bullshit.
Loyal Oriole fans would never jump on the bandwagon of a new team. If any do, those aren't the fans a franchise should want anyway.
I say this to Oriole ownership: stop moaning and concentrate on putting a better product in that new-fangled stadium you guys erected on the tax-payers' pockets. You guys had money to spend and you thought you could keep pace with George Steinbrenner's checkbook. Oh please, you dumb asses... if the Red Sox can't do it how can you? Stupid idiots.
The Orioles are in the toughest baseball division and must go against the two biggest spenders.
The odds are against you for the next ten years, deal with it or sell the team.
In the meantime, show open arms to your new neighbors (who will probably remain in the National League East), try to stay focused, and for God's sake lay off of Lee Mazzilli. Bringing him in to manage was a stroke of genius, but you shouldn't expect miracles in a matter of months. If there is a manager who can find a way to beat the Bronx Bombers, don't you think it would be a former Yankee player and coach? (Duh!) Oriole ownership are so stupid.

Subject change, the Great White Shark that has been at the Monterey Bay Aquarium for the last week is doing splendidly. It is eating every day and seems to be adjusting to life in the tank famously.
Click on this link to look at hammerhead sharks and Stingrays, and then click on the link to the Outer Bay Cam. This is the tank where the Great White is housed, and after a week she is exploring more of the tank and swimming closer to the camera. I watched this while it was slow at work today and caught some great glances at her. She is a beautiful creature.

Hey Bear, if you're reading this and still want to take a road trip to Monterey, contact me and let me know. The more I think about it, the more I wish I called your bluff and went with you last week. Oh well.

That's all for now, call my hotline at 909 - 991 - 3654 or shoot me an e-mail:

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Piano Man honored...

Hey kids,
The Turzman here with some exciting news for you fellow fans of Billy Joel...
He finally received the honor of a star on Hollywood's walk of fame, not too far from the corner of Hollywood and Vine, famous for its over-priced hookers. His star is in front of The Pantageas Theater.
Link to Yahoo! News Search results on the Joel news story:
I remember way back in 1984, when I made my first trip to Hollywood's walk of fame and I was asking every store merchant where Mr. Joel's star was.
Most of them did not speak english.
Of the ones that did, many expressed the opinion that he did not deserve one.
I immediately lost interest and respect for the famous sidewalk.

But now, almost 40 years too late, the Walk of Fame has earned some more credibility in my eyes.
But let's not forget, it's just a sidewalk. A place where in normal places, people dump their trash, bums nap, scumbags pee, and drug addicts pass out.
Especially in Holly-wierd.

Still, if there is anyone who deserves recognition for a lifetime of magnificent achievement it is Billy Joel.
Check his website for all kinds of Piano Man 411.
Or goto for a collection of my favorite links.
(Although it is overdue for a re-tooling).

The Turzman salutes the greatest singer/songwriter of this generation in a way far superior than those fagolas in Tinsel Town can:
Billy, this is for you.

Piano Man woo-hoo!

Later, kids.


Week 2 NFL pick results...

Hey kids...

Well, well, well... somebody who looks and sounds A LOT like me said I would come away with at least 10 wins in week 2. The Turzman was 10-6 straight up, but 8-8 against the spread. I looked like a genius picking Carolina over KC, but I'm still shaking my head at picking the Rams over Atlanta. I don't know what I was thinking.
Also, the Monday night matchup wasn't nearly as explosive as I thought it would be,
relatively low-scoring with Philly beating the spread easily. But I didn't take the points anyway, so it doesn't matter.
Kudos to Da' Bears for kicking the crap out of the Pack at Lambeau, and Detroit is 2-0.
Here's a little something for you Jet fans:
they are 2-0 going into the bye week, then must face Miami, Buffalo and San Francisco. That means there's a very good chance the Gotham Green will be 5-0 when they face New England week 7. Go Green!!!

I'll handicap and post my picks later this week. In the meantime, here's a little something for all you Trekkies I found at

Kirk duels Picard in a battle of Enterprise captains...check it out.

I'll do an overdue update on Coyote soccer, cross-country and golf very soon, I promise.
But until then, don't take any shit from anybody.
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Monday, September 20, 2004

Results, NFL week 2...

Key kids...

Holy Crap! KC 0-2 out of the gate, as I predicted.
And Buffalod didn't need 61/2 to beat the spread against the Raiders.

There are two games where I made some easy money.
It made up for a poor set of morning games, but my afternoon picks were dead on balls accurate.

Many thanks to the Chargers for scoring a bunch of points and still losing to the Jets.
Dallas screwed me with a measly 17.
I need Philly to score about 55 points tonight for me to compete in the 3-team point parlee.

I never thought I'd say this, but go Eagles.

Wes, Wes, Wes - when will you realize I have the Chiefs pegged? I won't pick them against a halfway decent team until they can stop the run. I said the same thing about my Jets, and they can stop the run now. That's why they're 2-0.
Gotham Green - woo-hoo!

My contact info remains the same...
Phone number to complaint department: 909-881-3654
e-mail addy:

If you're interested in New York City area sports like me,
check out The FAN:

Mike & the Mad Dog rule. So do Mac & Sid.

Until the next post, don't take any shit from anybody.