Friday, January 30, 2009

I was murdered last night...

...onscreen that is. The big screen.
On a Dark and Stormy Night premiered to a sold out audience last night at the Krikorian Premiere Theater in Redlands, Ca. It was well recieved. Overall, last night was, in a word, triumphant.

Rather than bore you with with a blow by blow account of the evening, check out these pix of the after party at Mikan Teppan House and the after-after party at Denny's at 2 in the morning.

Guardian of the Universe, Gamera says, "Big deal. Did you beat down on any giant monsters in defense of the Universe last night? I didn't think so. You want to impress me? Defeat Guiron or the Gyaos'. Then get back to me for your medal, tough guy."

Amity Island Harbor Master Frank Silva says, "I know it was your big night, Turz. And I know this is your website, but did you have to post pictures of yourself? There seemed to be a lot of pretty women there, and you post pictures of yourself. Selfish vanity, Mr. Turz."

Internet addict PornoCat says, "Were there any pretty cats at the premiere? If not, can I find pictures of the girls who were there topless on the Net?"

Gold digging hussie REDSEXGODDESS says, "You didn't send me an invitation. Could you at least send me some money?"

The impatient ghost of Robert Shaw says, "Why the bloody hell am I here?"

Monday, January 26, 2009

A Dark & Stormy premiere

Note: this post has been edited by the Department of Stormy Protection

We are officially in Butterfly Mode here at Turzman Dot Com. The world premiere for On a Dark and Stormy Night is only three days away and I'm proud to say that the show had sold out almost two weeks ago. The movie that I had given up for dead, thinking it would never play on a big screen, will play at the Krikorian in Redlands, barring any last minute, ***** *********.

*sentence deleted*

If I may add to what little pride I have left, I'd like to announce that Stormy Night has been slated for two screenings on the campus of the illustrious California State University at San Bernardino. Seeing as how three of the film's participants are alumni, there will be a Q & A session after both screenings. Yes, I was asked and accepted to be on both panels. I'm almost duty-bound, seeing as how my diploma (signed by the Governator himself) has the CSUSB logo stamped on it somewhere.
It is a small honor, and I'm proud to be a part.
Now, if the powers that be can finally **** **** ***** *** ******** *** **...

To recap, the Krikorian premiere is January 29, and the two Cal State screenings will be Thursday and Friday, February 5 & 6 at noon.

No comments from any of the regular crazies, but rather a random picture from this unfamiliar computer...

"Dear Lord, I am thankful that I ended up in this home and NOT Michael Vick's"

Turzman: OUT.