Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Meg: Hell's Aquarium" available NOW!

Book four of the MEGnificent MEG series had a surprise early release nd is available now. I got my advanced copy, read it, LURVED it.
Steve Alten scores again.
Here's the trailer-

If you don't read, you're an idiot. If you don't know how, LEARN, ASSHOLE!
And read the MEG series. Improve yourself, fer chrissakes.

Now the previous post was to satisfy the latin fire that slowly permeates my skin and invades my blood a little bit each day. Here is some American greatness...

Billy Joel fell for some broad named Leyna in the late 70's and wrote a song about it. "All For Leyna"

ZZ Top, when they had their New York Brims and their sideburns low, lol. "I'm Bad I'm Nationwide"

Motorhead's "No Voices in the Sky"

A history lesson from Social Distortion, "1945"

"Flat Earth Society" from Bad Religion

And Stevie Wonder performs "Superstition" LIVE on Sesame Street!

Top that bitches.

Coming soon to Turzman Central, my critique of the magnficent film, JCVD starring John Claude Van Damme as JCVD.

Until then, enjoy this parsel from the Women I really, really want to have sex with, but who wouldn't? files, Tawney Roberts and Alexa Rae.

"Senora. Digame donde esta el amor, senora."

Woman. Tell me where the love is, woman.

Yeah. What Tito Rojas said, bitch!

turz out