Thursday, December 30, 2004

Vegas trip, NFL pix

Hey kids...
Just got back from Vegas, spent two days in Quark's bar & grill at the Hilton sucking down Romulan Ales and other sci-fi themed tasty beverages.
I recommend the Borg spheres and the James Tea Kirks (tasty).
The Cardassian Pockets are a nifty munchy-killer.
The new Borg Invasion ride sucks ass, despite the 4-D fx.
The Klingon encounter still is the best attraction the Hilton has, except for the Australian strippers and their late-night, R-rated cabaret show. Aussie Angels is a must-see for all you lonely bachelors and you scum-baggian jackasses who cheat on your wives and girlfriends.
This Turzman salute goes to the four bartenders at Quark's that put up with me for 2 days and kept the Romulan Ale flowing. Stacey is a real sweetheart.

Okay, on to the NFL business. Here are my pix & the regular rules apply.

BUFFALO over Pittsburgh *
Green Bay over CHICAGO
TENNESSEE over Detroit *
New York Jets over ST. LOUIS *
NEW ENGLAND over San Francisco
Cincinnati over PHILADELPHIA *
Minnesota over WASHINGTON
CAROLINA over New Orleans *
BALTIMORE over Miami *
HOUSTON over Cleveland *
Tampa Bay over ARIZONA
SEATTLE over Atlanta
Indianapolis over DENVER *
Jacksonville over OAKLAND *
SAN DIEGO over Kansas City *
and in the Sunday night finale,
NEW YORK GIANTS over Dallas *
combined point tiebreaker, 54.

Good luck handicappers.