Friday, October 01, 2004

NFL picks, week 4 / White Sharks in the news

Hey kids...
Sorry for the lack of posts this week. It's been a trying time and I'm still flying a little low.
The only joy in my life is knowing that pretty lady at the Monterey Bay Aquarium is thriving.

She's eating regularly and is much more comfortable in the tank. She swims by the camera quite often so if you click on the above link, there's a good chance you'll see her. She has already outlasted any other White Shark in captivity and this is a tremendous opportunity to learn about the life cycle of an animal that has proven very difficult to study.

link to shark milestone story:

In related news, the 14 foot Great White that has been stranded in the embayment off of Cape Cod has worn out its welcome and an attempt to drive it back to open waters will commence within the next couple of days.

link to shark eviction story:

The plan is to use electrical currents from pods designed to protect divers that are annoying but not harmful to the shark. Here is another opportunity to study a Great White in close quarters, but the 1600 pound fish is drawing too many stupid gawkers who put themselves in harm's way to catch a glimpse. These idiots are going out in rowboats smaller than the shark and wonder why they are getting kicked out of the baylet. The most frustrating part is, she's very close to Wood's Hole, one of the leading facilities in shark research.
Oh well, I guess it's expecting too much to think politicians and the average dumb-ass would make decisions that make sense and would be helpful to an endangered species.
They need that 45 degree water to swim in, you know. Moronic Bostonians.

NFL picks for week 4 are next and as usual the first team listed is my pick to win straight up. If you see an asterisk (*) next to the match, it means I think the game will be close and the point spread should be factored in.
Home team is in caps, good luck handicappers...

Cincinnati over PITTSBURGH
New England over BUFFALO *
Oakland over HOUSTON
Washington over CLEVELAND *
Indianapolis over JACKSONVILLE
GREEN BAY over New York Giants *
Philadelphia over CHICAGO
Atlanta over CAROLINA *
New Orleans over ARIZONA *
Denver over TAMPA BAY *
New York Jets over MIAMI
Tennessee over SAN DIEGO *
St. Louis over SAN FRANCISCO *

Monday Night...
BALTIMORE over Kansas City *
Combined score tie-breaker: 34

That's all for now, kids.
Take it easy.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Monday Night QB

Hey kids...
If you'll notice, nine wins with one game to go. I'm handicapping well straight up, but I'm lagging against the spread. Oh well, as long as I average 10 wins a week on these posts, I'm impressed.

Subject change, Coyote Volleyball kicked ass again, this time dismantling Cal State Bakersfield, 3-0. Todd Coshow joined me on air with color commentary, and we interviewed Brie Harris after the game. She's a pleasant person and gives a great interview.

We interviewed Kat Price and Coach Kim Cherniss after Friday's game, and we're trying to get the interviews on this website, so stay tuned.

Check out the follwing sites before you go to bed tonight...

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