Tuesday, May 10, 2005

New Message Board

After only 2 days, we've already got some great discussions happening here at Turzman Central. Many thanks to those who have registered and participated already. Now it's your turn. Click on the button above and get some.

Here is a new video from our media collection. Click the following link to watch Webmaster Steve pondskimming, or at least trying to. The poor guy ate shit and got wet!!

Here is the list of Turzman faves...

The nationally televised Ashlee Simpson screw up is here...
The infamous Yankee fan video is still the most popular here at Turzman Central. It is here...
This guy rocks-"You have bad taste in music!"...
Here's a funny short film about two urine sample cups...
Here are a bunch of idiots who throw some poor girl through a basketball hoop and have no regard for her well-being after the stunt is done. Jackasses.
Here is a video of some brilliant young minds that built a fully sized remote control car and have fun in the desert, or dessert, whichever is not the final course of a meal.
Here is some psychopath that parachutes from a tall building.
Here is the best commercial from last year's Superbowl. Do you smell B-B-Q?
The Great White Shark Song, by abc-
The funniest condom commercial EVER can be seen by clicking here-
And this excellent video of a school of sharks attacking a huge Tarpon some poor soul caught on rod & reel and had to watch it taken away.

Pretty soon, Webmaster Steve and I will have these media links posted permanently on the left column, so I don't have to keep writing them on this blog. Also, we will be posting some of my Fave Linx here on the main page.
For now, I still gotta write 'em out. Here is the abbreviated list:

http://www.swingingjohnson.com -For the Swinging Johnson Brothers.
http://www.brokenpictures.com -For the Broken Pictures homepage.
http://www.freakshowentertainment.com - For the Freaks at Freakshow.
http://www.myspace.com/wombatlove -For the Wombat Love website.
http://www.tursi.com/steve -For Webmaster Steve.
http://www.stevealten.com -For info on the literary works of Steve Alten.

For more, visit the Fave Linx section of Turzman Central at

Now, click here- http://www.turzman.com/phpbb/ and register for the Turzman Message Board and bring something to the table. Come get some.


Sunday, May 08, 2005

Mother's day, Piano Man turns fifty something

Happy Mother's Day to all those moms out there in WebWorld.

Happy birthday to Billy Joel.
You're allowed one drink,
but you're not allowed to enjoy it.

Hey, at least he's not drunk when he drives.
All of those accidents were done in sobriety.

g'nite all.