Friday, October 08, 2004

NFL picks for week 5

Hey kids...
Sorry for the delay in these picks but I have had little time to handicap since classes started. You can see the results from last week's whopping 7 wins.
This week's 3-team point parlee doesn't make me feel any better because I'm stuck with Cleveland, Oakland and Pittsburgh. It's gonna be a long Sunday.
Anyway, here are my picks and regular rules apply...

PITTSBURGH over Cleveland *
NEW ENGLAND over Miami
DALLAS over New York Giants *
NEW ORLEANS over Tampa Bay *
SAN DIEGO over Jacksonville *
ATLANTA over Detroit *
Minnesota over HOUSTON *
NEW YORK JETS over Buffalo
Arizona over SAN FRANCISCO *
SEATTLE over St. Louis
Carolina over DENVER *
Baltimore over WASHINGTON *

Monday night:
Tennessee over GREEN BAY *
Combined point tie breaker: 48.

Good luck everybody.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Major League Baseball

Hey kids...
I figured I would take this opportunity to throw in my 2 cents about this year's baseball playoffs now that I have stumbled upon some free time...
The Yanks don't have the pitching to win a world series this year.
That's the bottome line on that. Don't be surprised if Minnesota continues to shock the pinstripes right into a sweep. Mussina already lost. Lieber has no post season experience. Kevin Brown will get shelled in game 3, not fully recovered from that broken hand (he's a dum-bass). And "El Ducky" has an arm as dead as Rodney Dangerfield (no disrespect intended, Dangerfield was a king among men).
The Bosox should lose to Anaheim because I believe the Angels are more consistent in every general category. However, the Sox have been re-sussy-tated since trading Nomar and their infield is one of the best in the majors right now. Boston will have its first taste of the World Series since the '86 Buckner incident, mainly because they won't have to face (and lose to) the Yankees unless they pull a miracle from their collective asses.
But Bostonians shouldn't get their hopes up because I haven't talked about the National League yet.
The St. Louis Cardinals are the best team in baseball and will win the Series with no problems unless said Yankee miracle stays alive. The Dodgers have absolutely no chance and will be swept.
The Braves, in contrast, are the worst team in the playoffs. And I'm not just saying that because I hate them as much as I hate vanilla and Vic Hislop. They really are very bad.
The only chance they have of surviving the wild card round is they are playing the Astros. That being said, I think the Astros will pull it off. They have better pitching and defense, and on average they are younger. Translation: better athleticism. Who's better in center field?- Beltran or Jones? I don't know and wouldn't be so quick to blindly say Andruw is the answer. Beltran kicks ass.
It's a moot point however, the Cards will smear whoever they face in the championship round.
As for the World Series, I don't believe the Yankee miracle won't get much farther than Minnesota. Look for St. Louis to defeat the Sox in five.
Yes, the Red Sox will lose again. Not because of some silly curse, but because they will be facing the best team in baseball. Schilling will get their lone victory, and I don't think anyone in the Cardinal lineup is afraid of Pedro "The Yankees are my daddy" Martinez.
The Cards have 4 players who deserve the MVP more than Barry "watching the playoffs from home and not really upset about it" Bonds (bat corking roid user) and another who can be argued to deserve it more. Edmonds, Walker, Renteria, Rolen & of course Pujols all deserve it more than Bonds. (And don't forget about that third baseman from LA, Beltre kicks ass too).
If Barry Bonds breaks Hammerin' Hank's home run record, it will be the darkest blemish on the storied history of America's pastime. He's a piece of shit and has recieved way too much more glory than he deserves, despite what the Gatekeepers of sports journalism would have you believe. They are paid to say things in a certain way, and none have the balls to write the truth about Bonds.
If you disagree, your opinion is not worth hearing because you are wrong.

Don't take any shit from anybody
enjoy the playoffs.
I already miss the NHL.


Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Great White Shark returns to deep ocean

Hey kids...

That Great White has ended its vacation off the shores of Cape Cod.
After spending 13 days in the shallows, it was finally led back to open waters by a team of scientists by dragging a huge net behind it.

Link to story:

Surprisingly, the original plan of using electrical currents did not work, and the experts were forced to rely on the timeless method of dragging a large fishing net.
The best part of this whole mess is, the shark was tagged with a satellite tracker, and for the first time, scientists will be able to study the migration patterns of a large Great White in Atlantic Ocean waters.

By the way, the baby Great White at the Monterey Bay Aquarium is still going strong. You can look at her by checking out the web-cam in the outer bay display tank.

She is swimming strongly and is feeding regularly, taking food that is pole-fed to her.
Whether or not she will remain on display for a long period of time remains to be seen, but to my untrained eyes, there is no reason to remove her to an isolated tank where visitors cannot bask in her magnificence.

Until next post, don't take any shit from anybody.


Monday, October 04, 2004

Piano Man weds, No radio show now

Hey kids...

On the lighter side of funny, Piano Man Billy Joel married his 23 year old fiance Saturday at his mansion on Long Island. Okay,
I love his music and in my opinion there are few better singer/songwriters, but come on.
I guess it's the fad for old rock stars (Joel is 55) to marry trophy wives. It brings closure to a career.
Oh yeah, here's the link to the story:

It's safe to say if Joel ever does tour again, he won't stray too far from NYC except to maybe play Vegas as an opening act for Wayne "Fig" Newton. Enjoy the trophy wife, Bill. Hope she throws a good one and doesn't divorce you for 9 mil.

Don't bother tuning in to Coyote Radio tomorrow for my show. It's not gonna happen. For some reason, the studio is not ready for shows. Go figure.

I'll update y'all when I learn more.


Sunday, October 03, 2004

NFL results, White Shark at Cape Cod, Radio show

Hey kids...

I finally shook that cold, with the exception of a slight case of the sniffles.
I hit a skid with my picks this week; only 6 wins with 1 left to play.
Okay, so I'm not perfect. Be sure to alert the media.
My 3 - team point parlee sucked again, this time Carolina let me down. Buffalo exceded my expectations with 17, and San Diego exploded for over 30 again. Stupid Panthers...

The Great White Shark in that lagoon off of Cape Cod is stubbornly remaining in the lagoon. Can't imagine why though. She hasn't eaten since she's been there, but attempts to draw her out have thus failed. Here are links to two stories that have some color photos of eviction attempts:

Now for the exciting news:
The Mike Tursi Radio Program will make its fall quarter debut this Tuesday from 2pm till 4, pacific. All of you in other time zones take note and plan accordingly. Hope you New York audience members are home by 5:00.

Here's the link to coyote Radio,
Go there and make sure you have Quicktime player.

Women's volleyball this Friday and Saturday night, at 7pm, pacific.
The pre-game will begin at 6:45, and I'm gonna try to get T.C.- Todd Coshow to do color commentary again.
Coyote cross country kicked some butt last Friday, placing fifth as Tanya Zefferjahn (sp?) came in 4th overall.
Men's and women's soccer played today but the results had not been posted at the time of my post. For results, you can check for yourself at The Coyotes Online, goto quicklinks and click on athletics.

Like listening to internet radio when you're online? Check out Radio Locator at and find whatever you like.

Don't forget Coyote Radio, and look for The Mike Tursi Radio Program starring me, The Turzman Tuesday afternoons at 2:00, pacific.

Bye everybody, hope you can tune in...