Thursday, October 28, 2004

Volleyball loses, Buckner wants no forgiveness, UCSD-SUX

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Some bad news to report today...
The CSUSB Coyote women's volleyball team had their 11 game winning streak stopped last night at the hands of the Tritons of UC San Diego.
For game stats click here ->

The game was supposed to be webcast courtesy of UC San Diego but for whatever reason it wasn't working last night. I was trying to get the stupid thing to play for over an hour. I made some phone calls to friends, asking them to try and to my knowledge nobody was able to tune in. This is an official "How dare you!" for the worthless teckies at the UCSD computer geek department. This was the most anticipated game in the conference and they dropped the ball. I was plugging their stupid website for Coyote fans to tune in and root for the 'Yotes, ranked #6 in the nation (see story ->
and it was all for naught. Those turkies couldn't get their tech problems handled before this match and I look like a fool to browsers of turzman-dot-com. To make matters worse, the 'Yotes lost the game.
Stupid Tritons, you guys stink.

In unrelated news-
In the wake of the dullest world series in recent memory, Red Sox fans now forgive Bill Buckner for "The Buckner Incident" during the very exciting 1986 world series.
First of all, I wouldn't. It's one of the most remembered world series moments of all time no matter how many fall classics the Bosox win.
Second of all, Buckner doesn't want their forgiveness. He did not even want to be a part of the current Beantown wah-hoo. He'd rather remain in obscurity, selling real estate in Idaho. I thought that was interesting and commendable on his part. For the story, click this link:

In related news, it seems that "Mr. Scrappy", Wally Backman is no longer in the hunt for the managerial job for the New York Mets. It was reported on WFAN, New York by Mac & Sid ( that the former Mets 2nd baseman and member of the 1986 world champion Mets, became tired of waiting for new Mets GM Omar Minaya to interview the 13 other candidates and has pulled himself out to focus on getting the same job with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Click on the above link and you can hear the archived interview with Mets beat-writer, Ed Coleman or read the story here:
Translation: the Mets have blown another opportunity to improve this team.
The front runners for the Mets field general are Willie Randolph, Terry Collins, Jim Riggleman, Carlos Tosca, and Rudy Jaramillo. There's been talk of bringing back Bobby Valentine, but he's still under contract over in Japan and is improbable.
For more news on the New York Mets, goto

I'll have more on this recent world series later, because I need to vent about this silly curse that never existed, and how this Red Sox championship was bad for baseball.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Coyote Volleyball ranked #6 in nation, #1 in my heart.

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After today's radio show, I recieved this e-mail from Mike Murphy, Director of sports information at Cal State San Bernardino...

After several weeks at No. 7, Cal State San Bernardino's women's volleyball team moved up a notch to No. 6 in this week's American Volleyball Coaches Association national poll.
The Coyotes, 20-2 overall and 12-1 in the CCAA, gained when Minnesota-Duluth, ranked No. 6 last week, lost to unranked South Dakota and dropped all the way to 10th.Minnesota-Duluth is the only team to defeat No. 2-ranked UC San Diego (23-1).
The Coyotes face off against UC San Diego at 7 p.m. Wednesday night at the Tritons' RIMAC Arena with the CCAA title on the line. The Coyotes trail the Tritons by one game coming into the match.
The match will be webcast at, according to the sports information department at UCSD.
The Coyotes have beaten No. 13 Fort Hays State and No. 24 Nebraska-Omaha and lost to No. 2 UCSD and No. 5 Barry.
1. Nebraska-Kearney (28-0)
2. UC San Diego (23-1)
3. Truman State (27-0)
4. Concordia St. Paul (21-1)
5. Barry Univ. (19-1)
6. COYOTES (20-2)
7. Central Missouri St. (24-4)
8. North Florida (19-5)
9. Tampa Univ. (16-3)
10. Minnesota Duluth (17-4)
11. Grand Valley State (20-4)
12. Central Washington (21-0)
13. Fort Hays State (22-3)
14. Hawaii Pacific (16-2)
15. Minn. State-Moorhead (21-2)
16. Northern Michigan (18-4)
17. Washburn (23-5)
18. Northwood (Mich) 17-4)
19. Florida Southern (19-6)
20. North Alabama (18-5)
21. Chaminade (12-3)
22. Rockhurst (19-6)
23. Augustana SD (15-8)
24. Nebraska Omaha (14-7)
25 (tie) Ferris State (18-5) and Armstrong Atlantic (22-4).

It seems like they were stuck at #7 FOREVER, but they've moved up a notch.
And like Mike Murphy said on my radio show today, the pressure is on the Tritons.
It is their house, the Coyotes have improved by leaps and bounds since their last meeting,
and regardless of Wednesday night's outcome, the 'Yotes have banners hanging in the rafters of the Coussoulis Arena. 3 consecutive region championships.
The Tritons have posters that say "Honorable Mention."
Until UC San Diego has a Conference Champion banner that is younger than I am, it is my opinion that the Coyotes own the Tritons (no pressure intended).

To hear the game, goto this website Wednesday, October 26 at 7 pm pacific:

In the meantime, here are some video clips of note you may enjoy...

The nationally televised Ashley Simpson screw up can be seen here:

The infamous Yankee fan video, taken during game 2 of this year'sAmerican League Championship at Yankee Stadium is here:

And what post would be complete without"You have bad taste in music!"-

I never get enough of this one-
Jack Nicholson tries to explain to a Jack in the Box customer that they are out of french fries:
(courtesy of eBaum's World--

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Go 'Yotes.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Radio Show & Women's Volleyball at CSUSB

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Here's a reminder to not miss The Mike Tursi Radio Program on Tuesday, from 2-4 pm pacific. The show will be a heavy dose of women's volleyball as the 'Yotes head down to La Jolla to take on the Tritons of UC San Diego in a highly anticipated rematch.
The 'Yotes have won 11 straight, dating back to the loss to the Tritons last month.

As promised, here is the website where the game will be webcast...

As for my show on Tuesday, here is the website...

I will be playing pre-recorded interviews with coaches and players because the team practices during my time slot.
We'll be hearing from Director of Sports Information at CSUSB Mike Murphy.
Assistant coach Danny Scott and outside hitter Lisa Dogonyaro talked to me after Saturday's victory over Chico State.
And middle blocker Cat Price sat down with me Monday afternoon.

It's gonna be a great show so don't miss it.
You can also call in and participate: 909-880-5617.

Now here's some fun stuff for ya...

The nationally televised Ashley Simpson screw up can be seen here:

The infamous Yankee fan video, taken during game 2 of this year's
American League Championship at Yankee Stadium is here:

And what post would be complete without
"You have bad taste in music!"-

I never get enough of this one-
Jack Nicholson tries to explain to a Jack in the Box
customer that they are out of french fries:
(courtesy of eBaum's World--

Don't forget to visit the Great White Shark at
the Monterey Bay Aquarium:

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Ashley Simpson screws up on national TV

Hey kids, you're gonna like this...

Here at turzman-dot-com, we have discovered proof that pop music's latest flavor of the month, Ashley Simpson sucks ass (but not literally). This video will forever be a treasured archive here at Turzman Central, along with the Infamous Yankee fan video and "You have bad taste in music!"
I gotta tell ya, Ashley takes the cake...

Miraculously, her voice starts singing before the microphone comes close to her mouth during a "live" performance on Saturday Night Live last night (Oct. 23).
Rumor has it that Simpson actually blamed the embarassing nationally televised screw up on her band!
Let's pray that she'll never work again, and that this is the beginning of the end for these sugarplum pop divas and little princes that have no talent but are encouraged to continue polluting the airwaves because the moronic masses have lousy taste in music and purchase their crap.

Other video clips of note:
The infamous Yankee fan video can be seen here-

"You have bad taste in music!"

And of course, visit these fantastic websites:
The Great White Shark at Monterey Bay Aquarium can be seen here-

The link to eBaum's World is

News on Coyote athletics can be found at

Speaking of Coyote Athletics, the women's volleyball team crushed the Wildcats of Chico State last night, 3-nil. That makes 11 victories in a row for the 'Yotes dating back to the loss suffered at the hands of UC San Diego. Well, that rematch with the Tritons is set for this Wednesday. Unfortunately, Coyote Radio will not be able to broadcast the game, but I'm told that UC San Diego is planning a webcast. As soon as I locate the web address, I will post it here at turzman-dot-com, so keep checking back here for the 411 on Wednesday's rematch.
Don't miss my show this Tuesday on Coyote Radio ( where I will be doing a segment on Coyote volleyball and will play some pre-recorded interviews with players and coaches. The team practices during my timeslot and some have agreed to let me record them for Tuesday's show, from 2-4 pm pacific.

^<-- Please note the new additions to the broadcast archives to the left and up.

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