Saturday, February 13, 2010

Aloha means, "Farewell and Adieu."

After what seems like an entire hockey season, I find myself blogging again. My bout with depression is nearing an end with my pending move to Oahu.
I've been keeping this secret for some months now, mostly because I was expecting my plans to fall through (again). They have not.
So come Wednesday morning, I will trek to LAX for what I hope will be the last time and will be in Honolulu by mid day. My California friends, the time to say goodbye is now.
My plan for the first two weeks is to follow Olympic hockey, in lieu of the NHL closing it's doors for the 21st winter Olympiad, and that's fine. My Rangers and Islanders are both disappointing me this season and I need a break.
I had the displeasure of watching my precious Rangers fall to the LA Kings at Staples Center two weeks ago, and now Marian Gaborik needs time to recover from an injury. Yes, NHL; I need a break from you.
I just watched the ladies from Sweden blank Switzerland, 3-0 and I'm looking forward to Canada versus Slovakia. Thank you, ladies, for some great hockey action.

Since I am on a borrowed computer, images of my regular cast of zany commentators are unavailable. Let's say they are on vacation. So, pinch hitting for Pornocat, Frank Silva, Gamera, Robert Shaw's ghost and the rest are the following special guests...

This unsuspecting 2X4 says,
"My grandfather and three of my uncles were all hockey sticks in the NHL, so I too am a big hockey fan. I would have been a hockey stick myself, but I decided to pursue a career in animal husbandry. I obviously have some regrets."

The cross-eyed fogey from Young Frankenstein says,
"I really used to enjoy women's hockey before that bully Gene Wilder kicked me in the nuts. Since then, I find no pleasure watching women do anything."

Tonoose, the envoy to the Blind Dead says,
"As I am blind, I have never seen a hockey game. Can you please describe it in words that are not visually descriptive adjectives?"

With any luck, I'll blog better next time, as it will probably be from a beach whose name I cannot pronounce.