Monday, December 19, 2005

Lit Review- Great Trek Novel

Here's a little something for you fans of the written Trek; I have a new favorite Trek novel, First Frontier.
Imagine Star Trek meeting Jurassic Park and throwing in battles from Lord of the Rings; that is an adequate summation of this novel.
After testing a new type of warp shielding, the crew of the Enterprise finds itself in a universe unlike the one they know. The Romulans and Klingons have been at war for centuries, and the Klingons are on the brink of extinction. The Vulcans are scandelous merchants playing both sides against the middle and oddly enough, there is no United Federation of Planets.
The Enterprise returns to Earth to find that there is no civilization, other than dinosaurs! Somebody traveled back in time and prevented the giant asteroid that killed off all the dinos from hitting the planet!
How and why you may ask? Well Kirk, Spock, McCoy, a landing party and two captured Klingons go through the Guardian of Forever to Earth's prehistoric past to find out.
All Trek fans will love this novel, and avid readers will appreciate the well-woven story. I strongly recommend "Star Trek: First Frontier."

Here's some fun stuff for ya-

A 3-D version of Pong called, CURVEBALL.

A personal fave, Mad Shark-

The very cool De-Animator. Beat my record of 538 zombies blasted...

A variation of the classic Breakout called, Breakit...

Bumper cars meet Air Hockey in Bumperball...

See how far you can knock these penguins... My record is 313 feet.

Help this drunk stagger home... Try to beat my 412 meters.

The water supply to Chasmtown has mysteriously stopped. It's up to you to solve the mystery. I completed this game in under an hour...good luck!

Watch this girl fall and bounce lifelessly on randomly placed bubbles... Click and drag to throw her body around too!

Test your aim with Papertoss...

Here are some timeless songs that will never be too dopey or uncool to be found at Turzman Central-

The very cool Badger Song-

The equally cool Llama Song-

The Great White Shark Song, by abc-

And of course, America, F@#k Yeah!!!