Monday, August 02, 2010

Film Critique Hiatus: IT'S SHARK WEEK !

In lieu of it being Shark Week on Discovery Channel, I find myself lacking the ambition to do anything but watch a bunch of Shark Docs on the tube.
So no mainstream stuff nor PRON will be opined on this week but the carnage will continue soon enough.

I have only one critique remaining to be retrieved from the archives at Operation Orca and NONE remaining at the now defunct KarmaCritic. So coming soon, as soon as I gather some screencaps will be my look at Dark Star, an attempt at comedy from early in John Carpenter's career.

Coming soon by way of the Pornographic Midnight Snack, I know, I promised takes on Nurses and Babysitters and I will keep my promise. Further down the road, I'll write something about an offering featuring Lanny Barbie that caught my eye from the shelves. After that, Digital Playground gets ambitious by purchasing real airplane sets for their opus, Fly Girls. Here's the trailer...

On a personal note, I suffered a tremendous loss a little over a week ago and despite knowing I did what's best for me, last week was rough. I really thought she was the one for me; so special and unique and we just "clicked" well for a long time. Well to my chagrin I came to realize that she's just as special as a pencil in an office. The same size, shape and color as the rest.
Oh well. She has taken the steps to make sure I can't contact her; ie: changed e-mail, changed phone number and a block on Facebook & mySpace. On top of that, she's moving to a new apartment this month so I won't even have a snail-mail addy.


I should see this as a blessing, though. If I apply the "out of sight, out of mind" theory the pain should secede soon enough. I honestly wish her all the best, and I hope she finds a way to purge herself of all the demons that haunt her. Apparently she took care of the first one easily enough.

I'm speaking of me, jackass!

(Good bye, KT.)