Thursday, March 17, 2005

Steve Alten, Congress in baseball, & NEW media content

Hey kids,
The Turzman here, and I caught a little of the Congressional hearings on steroids in baseball on ESPN this morning while I tried to wake up.
I was curious to see if the Reps were merely going to fluff their feathers, or actually try to fix this problem that MLB would rather let slide.
I was pleased to see the speakers treat MLB like a pinata in the opening statements and I think some good will come from all this, including (but not limited to) harsher penalties for cheaters that get caught.

You want my dish on March Madness, listen to archives of "Sportstalk" (the March 16 episode) where my I filled out my bracket with my partner, Ray "The Phantom" Franklin.

Now, for the good stuff:
NY Times best-selling author Steve Alten is promoting the "Creature Double Feature" this May, when his novel "Meg: Primal Waters" (book 3 in the MEG series) is released in paperback alongside the release of his new thriller, "The Loch."
"The Loch" is a highly anticipated take on the Nessie myth and according to zoologists, it offers a new twist on Nessie deeply rooted in biology, thus producing a more realistic take on her than most documentaries about the lake.
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We have some new media for you here at Turzman Central,
This video is from last year's cinematic release, "Freedom Police."
"America: (expletive) Yeah!"

And this excellent video of a school of sharks attacking a huge Tarpon some poor soul caught on rod & reel and had to watch it taken away.

Oh yeah- the Piano Man is back in rehab. Lay off the sauce, Billy!

The nationally televised Ashlee Simpson screw up is here...
The infamous Yankee fan video is still the most popular here at Turzman Central. It is here...
This guy rocks-"You have bad taste in music!"...
Here's a funny short film about two urine sample cups...
Here are a bunch of idiots who throw some poor girl through a basketball hoop and have no regard for her well-being after the stunt is done. Jackasses.
Here is a video of some brilliant young minds that built a fully sized remote control car and have fun in the desert, or dessert, whichever is not the final course of a meal.
Here is some psychopath that parachutes from a tall building.
Here is the best commercial from last year's Superbowl. Do you smell B-B-Q?
The Great White Shark Song, by abc-
The funniest condom commercial EVER can be seen by clicking here-

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