Thursday, February 03, 2005

Happy February

Hey kids.
I'm so sorry to have been lagging on the posts, maybe I'm getting lazy in my old age. God knows I haven't been too busy...
I'd like to say happy birthday to my good friend,
filmmaker,writer Ezequiel.
I had the pleasure of working his party last weekend and bartending private parties has turned out to be a great source to make new friends.
Ezequiel, happy b-day.
To check out some of his work, and the work of his associates, visit Broken Pictures on the Net at
You can check out, among other things, the film Grimm Reaper (formally Amor y Muerte) starring myself (woo-hoo!) in a small, modest but yet intricate role of the guy who dies before the opening credits stop rolling (yeah baby!).
Speaking of new friends, at EZ's party I was reunited with a dude I met on the set of Grimm Reaper, Stranglin' Jack Johnson, of the Swinging Johnson Brothers comedy troupe. He and his band of buddies have a website you should all check out-
these guys are so funny, I'm gonna post a banner link along side the shark attacks dot com banner link on my fave linx page-

Be sure to visit the Swining Johnson Brothers on the Net and catch their act sometime.
Oh yeah, the star of Grimm Reaper, Annie was at the party too.
If she has a website I'd post the link but she was more interested in ME when she saw me at the party to talk about herself (yeah right).
Anyway, it was good to see Annie, the Johnsons, and of course the birthday boy, who by the way, has an awesome family.
Ezequiel, you and your family may consider yourselves friends of the Turzman, and this cheer is for you-
Jumpin' jee-hosefat, yee HAAAA!
And to Carolina- thanks for relieving me at the bar, I needed the rest.

Here are some more media links I found, courtesy of Webmaster Steve...

Here are a bunch of idiots who throw some poor girl through a basketball hoop and have no regard for her well-being after the stunt is done. Jackasses.

Here is a video of some brilliant young minds that built a fully sized remote control car and have fun in the desert, or dessert, whichever is not the final course of a meal.

Here is some psychopath that parachutes from a tall building.

And just in time for the Superbowl, here is the best commercial from last year's Superbowl. Do you smell B-B-Q?

And please consult previous posts for these Turzman classics-
The nationally televised Ashlee Simpson screw up (the first one),
the infamous Yankee fan video,
and other classics, courtesy of Webmaster Steve and all your friends at Turzman central.

The Superbowl commercial comes courtesy of the wack-a-loons at Jokaroo-

C-ya soon, kids-
and don't take any shit from anyone.