Saturday, October 16, 2004

NFL picks week 6 & a word about Yankee fans

Hey kids...
I apologize for the tardiness of these football picks but it was another long & hard week.
Before I get to business I must show you something about Yankee fans...

If you are a fan of the New York Yankees, it is quite probable that you are an asshole.
Here at turzman-dot-com, we have uncovered empirical evidence supporting the statement,
"Yankee fans are complete & total assholes."
Watch this video for the proof...
After watching this video, anyone that still considers themselves Yankee fans should be ashamed of themselves.
This video is no fake, it was taken during game 2 against Boston at Yankee Stadium in this year's championship series, just a couple of days ago.
Unmentionable assholes, those right field freaks from the Bronx.

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As for football picks, the regular rules apply. If you are new to this site, consult a previous post as to how my handicapping notes work. Home teams are in caps...

San Diego over ATLANTA *
BUFFALO over Miami *
CHICAGO over Washington
Cincinnati over CLEVELAND *
DETROIT over Green Bay *
TENNESSEE over Houston
Seattle over NEW ENGLAND * (yes, you read that one correctly).
NEW YORK JETS over San Francisco *
PHILADELPHIA over Carolina
Kansas City over JACKSONVILLE *
Pittsburgh over DALLAS
OAKLAND over Denver *
Minnesota over NEW ORLEANS

and Monday Night...
ST. LOUIS over Tampa Bay *
combined points tie breaker is 59.

Don't even worry about my 3 team point parlee pool. I haven't come close yet and I'm ready to give it up.
I'm committed every week for the rest of the season and I don't even know who I have tomorrow.
If there's anything worth mentioning about it after Sunday, I'll be sure to brag.
Until then,
don't take any shit from anybody.


Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Hey kids...
Here is an e-mail I received from the Shark Research Institute:

October 13, 2004 The great white shark has been placed on Appendix II of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), a United Nations Treaty Organization convening October 2 to 14, in Bangkok, Thailand. The proposal was sponsored by Australia and Madagascar. During the debate, Ecuador, Thailand, United States, the European Union, and IUCN spoke in favor of the proposal, while Japan, Norway, Iceland, China, Guinea-Bissau, Qatar and the Caribbean nations of St. Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis voiced their strong opposition. Japan called for a secret ballot. Some 87 countries (parties) voted in favor of the listing, 34 opposed and nine countries abstained.
CITES convenes every two years. The 166 countries that are signatories to CITES have agreed to abide by and implement decisions taken by CITES. Shark Research Institute participates as an NGO (non- governmental organization) where, along with other organizations such as WWF, TRAFFIC and SSN, we meet with delegates to present scientific data in support or opposition of proposals under consideration by CITES.
Under CITES rules, an Appendix II listing allows trade if it does not threaten survival of the species, while an Appendix I listing prohibits all trade in the species. The Appendix II "zero quota" listing that Australia and Madagascar originally proposed, would in fact be similar to an Appendix I listing but a decision to withdraw the "zero quota" was made to improve the proposal's chance of success.
Australia and Madagascar's proposal stated that an Appendix II listing for the shark would ensure exploitation of this globally threatened species is regulated and monitored and that international trade is not detrimental to its survival. The position statement, issued by Dr. Leonard Compagno, Director of SRI and author of the United Nations FAO World Catalogue of Sharks provided strong scientific support for the proposal.
Great white sharks are targeted commercially and by recreational fishermen for their jaws and teeth. Their fins, like those of other sharks, are in demand for shark fin soup.
The great white is only the third shark species to be afforded Appendix II protection by CITES, joining the basking and whale sharks which were listed at CITES Convention Parties (CoP12) in Santiago, Chile.
At CoP13, Japan's proposal to commercially hunt minke whales has been harpooned; 57 countries voting in favor of the proposal, 67 against and 14 abstaining. The humphead wrasse (also known as the Napoleon wrasse or Maori wrasse), Cheilinus undulatus, gained Appendix II protection, and wild African elephants won more protection against ivory poachers following a six-hour debate.
I just received word that Japan will try to reopen discussion on minke whales and white sharks during the plenary session this afternoon or tomorrow morning in hopes of preventing ratification of the decisions.
Marie Levine, Executive Director,Shark Research Institute Bangkok, Thailand
Shark Research Institute
Marie Levine
Executive Director
phone: 609-921-3522

This is a major step in getting all countries to recognize the ocean's top predator as endangered thanks to human behavior, and maybe soon it will be illegal to hunt the Great White in all waters. That is expecting too much from such a stupid species as human beings, but at least some progress is being made.

In unrelated news, this link was e-mailed to me this morning.
This is how Florida is going to ensure that no mistakes are made in this year's presidential election.

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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Coyote Volleyball Keeps Winning...

The CSU San Bernardino women's volleyball team continued its winning ways with consecutive victories over CSU Monterey Bay & Sonoma State University Friday and Saturday nights.
The Otters of Monterey Bay are in the middle of their first season in the CCAA, having come up from NAIA division III. They have not won within the conference yet, so it didn't look good for them coming into the unfriendly confines of the Coussoulis Arena for the first time, where the 'Yotes have won 40 of their last 41 games.
The Otters fell 3 - nil, by scores of 30-13, 30-16 & 30-19.
Sonoma St posed a greater challenge the next night, making things very exciting after dropping the first game, 30-16. Game 2 was neck and neck, with the 'Yotes coming out on top, 30-21 and in game 3, the Seawolves started out with a 12-9 lead.
The Coyotes tied it up at 13 and opened up a 27-22 lead, but Sonoma tied it again, at 28.
CSUSB head coach Kim Cherniss called a time out and when play resumed, the 'Yotes scored consecutive points to end it at 30-28.
Coach Bear Grassl and his Seawolves came into Coussoulis and gave the Coyotes a challenge that made for the most exciting game I have seen this season. My hat goes off to Coach Bear and his team.
All praise due to Cherniss and assistant coach Danny Scott for placing a successful volleyball program here in San Ber-doo.
For more information, including game-by-game stats on volleyball or any Coyote Athletic program, visit The Coyotes Online on the 'net at

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Visit the Great White shark on display at the Monterey Bay Aquarium at She is still doing very well and eating regularly. She swims with more confidence every day and passes the webcam quite often. I would say I've seen her about 5-6 times every 15 minutes.

eBaum updates the media content every Friday morning at The site is a riot and I recommend it for all bored pc users.

That's all for now, I'm gonna watch some NFL football. Until next time kids...