Sunday, March 08, 2009

Daylight Savings Really Grinds My Gears

Except for the one where I gain an hour's sleep. But the one yesterday sucked ass. Not only was I stuck at the taco factory till after midnight, I had to be back at 11:30 in the am today. After losing an hour's sleep.
What is it with this changing of the time, anyway? Whose stupid idea was it? And has he since been punished by having his toenails removed one at a time with tweezers? Effing jagoff.
I remember hearing somewhere at sometime that it has something to do with farming. If that's true, why the hell are the rest of us subjected to this unnecessary pain in the arse?
All those farmers have to do is train their stupid roosters to cock a doddle doo an hour earlier for six months. Or, they can enter the 19th century and invest in an alarm clock. Then the rest of us can live life without this aggravation. Thanks a lot, farming cocksuckers.

Speaking of cocksuckers, this video is of a guy named Juanes. That's spanish for Johnny. His song is called "Camisa Negra." That's spanish for black shirt. Pay no mind to the fact that he's wearing a white shirt during the performance.
Anyway, I hear this song three times a day, every day, at a certain Mexican Food dispensary. Maybe if I share, it will fade away...

To help recover from your case of the Juanes, here's a concert clip from Flotsam and Jetsam, because as you know, there really is no place for disgrace...

And from the "Girls I really, really wanna have sex with, but who wouldn't?" files, Ms. Briana Banks.